Night Lenses

How do Night Lenses work?

Night lenses are contact lenses that naturally, and harmlessly, correct your vision while you sleep. Pop them in at bedtime, go to sleep, take them out when you wake and have perfect sight all day. 

Who can wear Night Lenses?

Minus prescriptions up to -5.00 dioptres work well.  

Good sleepers as the lenses ideally need 8 hours overnight sleep on the eye. 

What are the risks?

The risk of any contact lens wear is infection.  The risk of serious sight threatening infections are reported as 7.7 in 10,000.  Minor infections may be more common so good hygiene is essential. If considering refractive surgery a " wash out" period may be required following wearing night lenses.  

(PDF) The Risk of Microbial Keratitis With Overnight Corneal Reshaping Lenses ( 

How Much Do Night Lenses Cost 

Fitting is non refundable £99 for prescriptions up to -5.00.  Then £55 per month as a member of eyeplan.

Eyeplan Night Lenses includes:

All contact lens solutions

Lubricating eye drops

Unlimited contact lens appointments

Advanced eye examinations

Night lenses are only available to eyeplan members.

How Do I start my Night Lenses Journey? 

Book an appointment to have a chat, your optician will take corneal measurements to check your suitability. Should you proceed there will be a number of appointments required to complete your fitting. 

Initial Assessment appointment

First Contact Lens collection

After one sleep

After approximately 10 sleeps

After 4-6 weeks

Every 3 or 6 months depending on your success