Our advanced contact lens fitting and care appointments include digital slit lamp imagery, corneal topography and dry eye analysis.  With our very own contact lens optician who also wears contact lenses herself offers a wide range of options from simple daily disposables to bespoke advanced complex lenses.  

Day Lenses

These are worn during the day and either thrown away if single use or cleansed with special contact lens solutions for reuse

Extended Depth of Focus

First created by a NASA scientist these revolutionary contact lenses offer clear vision from distance to near for those who need a little extra help close up or wear varifocal glasses. The very latest science can offer for multifocal wearers.

Night Lenses

Special contact lenses mould the cornea while you sleep leaving you glasses and contact lenses free during the day.

Slowing Short Sight Progression

Myopia management contact lenses are available in both day or night options, these special contact lenses can help slow down myopia (short sight) from progressing in children.  Not only helping the eyesight of today but protecting the eyesight of the future

Complex Lenses

With advanced equipment we are able to offer specialist complex lenses for conditions such as keratoconus and astigmatism.