List of services

Advanced Eye Examinations 

Our 40 minute advanced eye appointments include a 3d retinal scan of the back of the eye meaning eye diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and retinal damage can be detected early meaning treatment can start before any vision is lost. 

Contact Lenses

With our very own dedicated contact lens optician we can offer everything from simple daily disposables to complex advanced contact lenses not available any where else in Chesterfield or online

Frame styling

Frame styling

Our very own expert frame stylist will guide you though a range of frames to give you the best possible fit while keeping you looking great.  As an independent we pride ourselves on freedom to choose our ranges and regularly order from up to 12 suppliers offering the widest choice in Chesterfield. 

Myopia Management

Myopia also known as short sight is on the increase due to lifestyle changes of mobile phones and computer use.  From early ages children are spending hours every day looking up close increasing the risk of developing myopia which can lead to sight threatening eye diseases later in life. At Elliott and Heath we are experts in myopia management with CE marked products which can significantly reduce the risks of high myopia and associated eye diseases

Dry Eye clinics

Gritty, ichy, irritated eyes, could you have dry eye? Book into our Dry Eye Suite where our expert will assess your tear film, anterior eye and eyelids for dry eye and associated anterior eye disease. 

Sports & Safety Eyewear

As an independant Optician we can offer eyewear for whatever your needs. From welding to skiing we have eyewear for everyone & every task.