List of services

Our 40-minute advanced eye appointments feature a 3D retinal scan of the eye's interior, enabling early detection of diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinal damage. This means treatment can commence before any loss of vision occurs.

Our expert frame stylist will guide you through a selection of frames to ensure the best fit while maintaining your style. As an independent business, we take pride in our freedom to select our range and consistently order from up to 12 suppliers, providing the broadest selection in Chesterfield.

Myopia, commonly referred to as shortsightedness, is on the rise due to lifestyle changes involving increased use of mobile phones and computers. Children are spending several hours daily engaged in close-up activities, heightening the risk of developing myopia, which can result in serious eye diseases later in life. At Elliott and Heath, we specialize in myopia management and offer CE-marked products that can substantially lower the risks associated with high myopia and related eye conditions.

Experiencing gritty, itchy, irritated eyes? It could be dry eye. Schedule a visit to our Dry Eye Suite, where our specialist will evaluate your tear film, anterior eye, and eyelids for dry eye and related anterior eye conditions.

Sports & Safety Eyewear

As an independent optician, we can provide eyewear for any requirement. Whether it's for welding or skiing, we have eyewear suitable for everyone and every task.

Book an appointment with our expert audiologist working with The Hearing Care Partnership who provides a range of hearing care services including complimentary hearing tests, hearing aids, ear wax removal, tinnitus consultations and hearing protection. 

Do words seem to wobble or move on the page while you're reading? Special glasses or coloured overlays may assist some children and adults with this issue.