Dry Eye Clinic

Digital Imagery so you can see what your clinician can see

Meibography - an infer-red camera can take images to show the condition of your mebomian oily tear glands

Anterior eye examination with dyes to show up any corneal damage

Why do we need tears? 

The tear film is made up of 3 layers:

1.The top layer is oil to lubricate the blinking action

2. The middle layer is water to wash away foreign bodies and keep the eye clean

3. The layer closest to the eye is mucous to help the tears stick

This combination of oil and water keeps the eyes healthy and comfortable.  Imagine a car engine without any oil, parts of the engine would start to grate & grind together causing damage eventually seizing up.  The eyelids are like window wipers spreading the tears across the surface of the eye cleaning away debris and lubricating the surface.

This complex system is vital for clear vision and healthy eyes, poor quality tears can lead to gritty uncomfortable eyes and blurred vison.

At Elliott & Heath our expert dry eye clinician will asses your anterior eye, eye lids and tear film to give you an accurate diagnosis and bespoke treatment plan.

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