Advanced Eye Examinations

A longer appointment to discuss your eyecare needs with our  eyecare professionals.

All your tests are undertaken by qualified registered opticians.

Digital Slit Lamp Imagery so you can see what your clinician can see

3d Retinal Scanning to detect eye diseases early so treatment can begin before any sight is lost

Corneal Topography to Detect Anterior Eye Disease and Specialist Contact Lenses

Don't get blown away with no more air puff.  We have 4 ways to measure your eye pressure including icare technology.  Arguably the most comfortably way to measure eye pressure in the world.

Digital Photography to image the optic disc to assess glaucoma, diabeties and hemorrages.

We can measure your eyeball axiel length.  Myopia also known as short sight is often caused by the eye ball growing too long.  This in turn stretches all the stretchers within the eye increasing risks of sight threatening eye diseases. 

If eligible for NHS funding basic eye examinations remain free however NHS patients have the option to upgrade to Advanced Eye Examinations for £25.00

Please note the NHS does not fund any of the equipment mentioned on this page. 

Advanced private eye examinations are £55